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SEE – Sharing Experience Across Europe


One of the aims of the Design Leadership Board was to find ways to raise awareness of design across Europe in business, policy and the field of wellbeing. The SEE Platform (Sharing Experience Europe) is a network of 11 European partners, which engages national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies. It is Read more >

Meeting the Design Leadership Board Suggestions


In September the members of the European Design Leadership Board handed their report to the Vice President of European Commission Antonio Tajani during the design Innovation Summit in Helsinki. The report contained 21 recommendations about how to raise the profile of design in European business, industry, public sector and wellbeing. In the end of November the Read more >

Positioning Design Research for the 21st Century


Design research is an essential component of the more broadly understood European innovation system. It is a powerful tool to support the effective introduction, utilisation and management of design.

Design research is carried out at universities, industry and society. It is a multifaceted activity that covers, for instance, professional design disciplines (including product and industrial design, Read more >