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“Design can make a difference in growth and prosperity”


- The biggest achievement for the European Design Leadership Board will be that the perception of design will change. Design is no longer luxury, not only high valued cost thing. So today and tomorrow design is involved in everybody’s life, says Gerin Trautenberger, member of the European Design Leadership Board.

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“Leadership Board triggers a positive snowball effect”


- Design should be applied in many more sectors and different situations, and at the same time we need to remember what it is that makes design unique – the ability to visualize, to make abstracts concrete, to influence people’s behavior, says Christian Bason, member of the European Design Leadership Board.

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Rachel Cooper: Future of European Design


Rachel Cooper, member of the European Design Leadership Board, is a professor of design management and policy at the Lancaster University (UK). She has been doing design research for 20 years in multidisciplinary groups. Her work has focused on addressing complex challenges using design and design research.

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