“Design can make a difference in growth and prosperity”


- The biggest achievement for the European Design Leadership Board will be that the perception of design will change. Design is no longer luxury, not only high valued cost thing. So today and tomorrow design is involved in everybody’s life, says Gerin Trautenberger, member of the European Design Leadership Board.

Gerin Trautenberger has worked since 1992 as art and creative director in different companies and countries.

In addition to working in the fields of design management and strategic consulting, Gerin’s  projects are mainly related to product and furniture design. Gerin Trautenberger started working with communication and digital design in the 1990s, followed by a number of years devoted to internet and web design. The last few years, he has been focusing on product and industrial design. In 2005 he founded with friends microgiants and specialized in Product and Service design and consulting. Gerin Trautenberger is a member of the Austrian Professional Association of Design (DA, Design Austria), and has been assigned the responsibility of developing guidelines for royalties and professional fees for the Austrian design business.

Since 2009 he has been also a board member of the Creative Industries Austria (cwa), an association founded by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO). Working as a creative director, he has been awarded with a number of prizes. Gerin has also worked as a lecturer in experimental media design at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna.

He also works as a curator for the Vienna city government and Telco companies. Since 2011 he has been a member of European Design Leadership Board for the European Design Innovation Initiative.

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