Design has strong potential for growth in Europe


- Innovations are the base of Europe’s competitiveness and the heart of our industrial policy. Europe can only compete with quality, so we need to concentrate on high quality in our products and services. Both private sector and public sector need design innovation. SME’s in Europe will benefit of design as an instrument for growth,  explained Antonio Tajani, the European Commission vice-president and commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship at the European Design Innovation Summit in Helsinki on Monday. The Summit was organized by Aalto University and the European Commission.

Mr Tajani was handed a report Design for Growth and Prosperity by members of the European Design Leadership Board Mrs Deborah Dawton and Mr Thierry Wasser. The report contains 21 concrete policy recommendations to the European Commission on how to make better use of design in the innovation processes throughout Europe, and to fully exploit design as a driver of growth and a tool for competitiveness.

Discussions in the European Design Innovation Summit in Helsinki 17-18 September focused on design innovation from six different views, i.e. that of enterprises, especially SME’s, private sector, industry, innovation processes, education and research and regional view. Speakers at the summit included international top experts of design, business and politics.

- We need to establish a permanent dialogue on design with the European Commission. An organization like BEDA is a key partner for the Commission providing Europe-wide coverage and a European-level focus to all matters relating to the development and growth of design in Europe’s innovation policy, said Deborah Dawton, president of Bureau of European Design Associations BEDA.

Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani said he would personally take the report to the Commission and see that the recommendations will get proceeded both in the Commission and in the member countries.


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