Design Innovation Plays a Role in the Industrial Policy Communication


- Design has value of its own and it is a functional tool for growth and creation of jobs, which is heavily on the agenda in the Europe 2020 strategy. Design innovation will be strongly included in the Industrial Policy Communication, that the European Commission is going to adopt early October, said Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General in the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry in his closing speech in the European Design Innovation Summit.

This means the European Commission clearly sees the power and potential of design as a driver for growth and competitiveness. The Industrial Policy Communication will stress Commission’s views on what the state of the Union is at the moment and what will need to be done.

- Design innovation is one key driver of the Industrial Policy Communication and part of the “3rd industrial revolution”. That means we must find ways doing things a bit differently, in a more sustainable way. It is crucial to retain strong industrial power in Europe and to keep our competitiveness. Design can play a major role in this, Mr Peltomäki stressed.

According to Mr Peltomäki we should understand what value innovation has in the context of the European policies: it has a role in adding value, reducing costs and perhaps even increasing the profit.

- The funding instruments and structural funds are available, but the EDII recommendations must be made as operational as possible, said Mr Peltomäki.

Peltomäki said the mission is not completed.  He explained it is important to pass the message of EDII to those who are supposed to take the next steps both on the European Union level and on country and regional level. He stressed that we all have a task. It is not only the European Design Leadership Board members, but also everyone in the EDII Summit plays an important role.

Mr Peltomäki reminded what vice president Mr Tajani said in his opening speech on September 17th, that he is going to pass the EDII message to his colleagues and other Directorate Generals who are responsible in taking the next policy steps in the union flagship initiative Innovation union and Horizon 2020 agendas.

- We have a strong tradition on technologically pushed and research driven agenda, and have not had too much concern of what is the way to go to market and to real life. Design innovation is not only technological, but social, user-driven and human-driven innovation. We need to make design innovation to become part of our research innovation agenda, said Mr Peltomäki.

Mr. Peltomäki is responsible for regulatory policy including internal market and standardisation, industrial innovation and mobility industries, chemicals, metals, mechanical, electrical and construction industries as well as raw materials. His overarching aim is to reinforce general management within the directorate-general and represent its policy interests to Member States, stakeholders and other relevant third parties, all with the goal of increasing Europe’s competitiveness.


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