Enjoy over 300 events of the World Design Capital 2012!


During the WDC year the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Lahti and Kauniainen offer over 300 events that promote design.

Aalto University is an active participant in the World Design Capital 2012 with its Living+ program.

“The main theme of our programme is the design of living environments. We have gathered together more than 30 different projects, all of which examine what living environments are better for both people and nature,” says the Dean of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture Helena Hyvönen. “Hundreds of people from Aalto are involved, including students, teachers, researchers, other personnel, and alumni. Together with our partners, we will focus on making the world a better place to live.”

While you are in Helsinki, don’t forget to check out what the World Design Capital 2012 has to offer.

You can find tips for interesting events and locations in the EDII website. There is also a handy mobile application for finding the most interesting events of WDC 2012 near you. The app is available for the most widely used mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.

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