“Leadership Board triggers a positive snowball effect”


- Design should be applied in many more sectors and different situations, and at the same time we need to remember what it is that makes design unique – the ability to visualize, to make abstracts concrete, to influence people’s behavior, says Christian Bason, member of the European Design Leadership Board.

Christian Bason is the Director of MindLab, a cross-ministerial innovation unit in Denmark. MindLab is part of the Ministries of Economic and Business Affairs, Taxation and Employment. MindLab leverages design, ethnography and public management to help tackle wicked, complex societal problems.

Christian was formerly responsible for the public organisation and management practice of Ramboll, an international consultancy, where he also held various positions as head of labour market and HR research and as an evaluation consultant.

As an experienced presenter and facilitator, Christian Bason has served as advisor to numerous public institutions and governments around the world. He is also a university lecturer and a regular columnist and blogger and also the author of four books on citizen involvement, leadership and innovation in the public sector. His latest work, and his first in English, is “Leading public sector innovation: Co-creating for a better society” (Policy Press, 2010).

Christian holds an M.Sc. in political science from Aarhus University, executive education from Harvard Business School and the Wharton School. He is currently writing a Ph.D. with Copenhagen Business School, Oxford University, Stanford University and Weatherhead School of Management on design thinking as an approach to leading innovation in government. He is also a member of numerous boards, including the Danish Minister of Science’s Council for Information and Communication  Technology, the Advisory Board of the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank, and the European Commission’s European Design Leadership Board.
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