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Welcome to the official blog of the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII), hosted by the EDII Secretariat. On this site you can find interesting background information and latest news regarding the EDII, the European Design Leadership Board and the Design Innovation Summit.

EDII Leadership Board Brainstormed with Stakeholders


On 21 March, the European Design Leadership Board met a group of entrepreneurs, decision makers from the business world, EU policy makers and education and research professionals for a co-design workshop in Brussels.

The aim of the workshop was to brainstorm, discuss and prioritise the following three key challenges:

How to implement design in innovation processes for Read more >

Rachel Cooper: Future of European Design


Rachel Cooper, member of the European Design Leadership Board, is a professor of design management and policy at the Lancaster University (UK). She has been doing design research for 20 years in multidisciplinary groups. Her work has focused on addressing complex challenges using design and design research.

“All designers believe that we create the material world, Read more >

Introducing the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII)


Design has been recognised as a key discipline and activity to bring ideas to the market in the Innovation Union – Europe’s 2020 flagship initiative.

Strategic use of design in all sectors of the society contributes to user-driven innovation for the benefit of the citizens. In the business sector, design plays a key role in the Read more >

Positioning Design Research for the 21st Century


Design research is an essential component of the more broadly understood European innovation system. It is a powerful tool to support the effective introduction, utilisation and management of design.

Design research is carried out at universities, industry and society. It is a multifaceted activity that covers, for instance, professional design disciplines (including product and industrial design, Read more >