SEE – Sharing Experience Across Europe


One of the aims of the Design Leadership Board was to find ways to raise awareness of design across Europe in business, policy and the field of wellbeing. The SEE Platform (Sharing Experience Europe) is a network of 11 European partners, which engages national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies. It is lead by Design Wales at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The SEE Platform has four main objectives in promoting the role of design across Europe:

1.    Building a pan-European platform to enable different actors to understand innovation for growth.
2.    Engaging policy makers in practical workshops that enable them to understand how design can form part of their innovation policies and programmes.
3.    Communicating with regions where design hasn’t been addressed in the policy level.
4.    Building a bank of evidence and rationale for integrating design in policy.

The SEE Platform’s key aim is to engage with 100 public authorities between 2012 and 2015 in 80 workshops delivered to innovation policy makers and program managers across Europe.  The SEE Platform will also arrange 20 presentations at innovation network meetings, and publish materials such as bulletins, policy booklets and a collection of case studies that show the benefits of integrating design into innovation policies. An important part of the process is an Annual Design Policy Monitor, which will examine the current and emerging trends in design policies and programmes across Europe.

“2012 has been a big year for design in Europe and particularly for its profile at European level thanks to the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII). This year the 11 SEE partners have engaged with over 100 policy-makers in practical workshops to support them in developing design policies and will continue to do this in 2013,” says Anna Whicher, Research Officer at Design Wales at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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